Elementary (3rd through 5th grade)

Children entering third through fifth grades are beginning to go through a big change in life. They aren’t little kids anymore! At Discovery, we recognize how critical this stage in life is for our kids. They are too grown-up for little kid stuff, yet not old enough for Junior High. They are changing from a child into a teenager. When it comes to faith, they are ready for something deeper and need a place where they can wrestle with real life issues. They need to develop a faith that is all their own. They need a place that is fun, yet safe to express themselves. It is so important that they have an opportunity to build a solid faith foundation as they enter into Junior High.

This class combines plenty of social time with music, video games, and other activities to keep them busy, as well as Bible-rich lessons that will guide them on their faith journey. The purpose of these lessons is to not necessarily provide satisfying answers to faith questions, but to cause kids to ask more questions and embark on their own journey. The children also have an opportunity to learn about a Compassion International child that they support through their offerings.

This age group also participates in parties in the fall and the spring to help develop friendships with one another. Your child will not want to miss out!



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