At Discovery, our services are for people who aren't real crazy about going to church, but wrestle with a nagging feeling that there's more to life than working 9-to-5, racing to endless kids' activities, and spending all weekend working on the house with nothing much to look forward to except next summer's vacation that you really can't afford.

We believe God is the answer to that nagging feeling, and we think people might get excited about God if someone could explain in everyday English how Christianity can make a real difference in raising kids, marriage, managing money, careers, dating, divorce, sex, or the zillion other things we deal with everyday.

At Discovery, we try to do this every Sunday. So why not stop by? The people are real, the pastors are friendly, the dress is casual, the sermons are funny and meaningful, the kids' programs are awesome, the live band is great, we don't beg for money, and people come because they want to. Imagine that!

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The Regional Learning Alliance • 850 Cranberry Woods Drive • Cranberry Township, PA 16066 • (724) 779-1010