Kidzblitz live!

Discovery Christian Church has offered KidQuest to families in the Cranberry region for 11 years!  We offer the same level of creativity and excellence you have come to expect with KidzBlitz Live!  And best of all it is completely FREE to the community! 

Families today are often overwhelmed with activities, but rarely participate in things together. What if we set aside time for families to come together to experience Biblical truths communicated through high octane experiences… TOGETHER?!   What is “KidzBlitz Live?  Families will be reminded that being together can be fun! Your family will experience a unique blend of music, visual effects and original games led by Discovery volunteers with an inspiring message about family unity woven in throughout the evening, without any teaching/sermon time.

Families will be reminded that working together can be fun!


What happened to kidquest at north boundary park?

In January 2015, Cranberry Township Parks & Recreation notified us that we would no longer be able to hold KidQuest at North Boundary Park.  We were unable to secure a centralized location that allowed us to maintain the standards we have had for the event.


Will you ever do KidQuest again?

Our leadership team will be looking at all of the possibilities for next summer.  While we do not know at this time, we are not ruling it out.  At Discovery, we do not simply do things because we have always done them… we evaluate all aspects of what we do to determine what is most effective and helpful to families in our region.  What we do know is that we will continue to look for ways to engage families in our community for many years to come.


If you have any questions contact Stacie Salva or contact the office at 724.779.1010. 
The Regional Learning Alliance • 850 Cranberry Woods Drive • Cranberry Township, PA 16066 • (724) 779-1010