Some frequently asked questions by parents of students…

What does your weekly programming include?
Our weekly programming for Middle School students consists of one large group gathering (called Fuel) on Sunday mornings during the 19:30 AM worship service at the Regional Learning Alliance.  Our weekly programming for High School students consists of one large group gathering (called Riot) on Sunday evenings at 6:30 PM at the Discovery administrative offices. Along with our weekly Sunday meetings there is various programming, trips, events, and activities for students to further participate, grow in their relationship with God, and get to know the other students.  The summer schedule is different because of all the trips and other activities going on. During the summer, we’ll still be engaging your students in meaningful conversations, relationships, and events, but Sunday programming will not be weekly.

Who are volunteer leaders and how do I know they are qualified to work with my student?
Volunteer Leaders are unpaid youth workers who willingly give up their time, energy, and effort to work with students because they care. Each Leader goes through a thorough process before joining our leadership team, including an extensive application, an interview, a background check, and basic training. Volunteer Leaders are people just like you (they love students), and they have decided to serve God by making a difference in the lives of students!

Could I become a volunteer leader?
We would love you to apply to become a Volunteer Leader! Filling out a Volunteer Leader Application is the first step to becoming a Leader, so contact Greg to pursue this ministry opportunity.

Will my child be unsupervised at weekly events or on trips?
Absolutely not. This Ministry does not get a bunch of students together and then just “let ‘em play.” Every meeting, trip, or event has a schedule and purpose that guides us, with Leaders always present.

What sorts of things does Fuel and Riot include?
Fuel and Riot, our large group gatherings, include a few main elements. We spend 15 minutes mingling, playing games, eating some sugary food, talking with other students or leaders, or just hanging out. The rest of the time is structured activity and biblical teaching geared toward students, and a whole lot of fun thrown in the mix!

What steps do you take to ensure safety?
Safety is one of our values that is most important to us. That’s why we care so much about who is working with our students. We have people whose job is to make sure students are safe and that they stay within the boundaries of where they are supposed to be and what they are supposed to do. We also go to great lengths to ensure safety on our trips and retreats!

What trips or retreats do you offer?
We offer several trips each summer and a few retreats during the year. In the fall we offer the Fall Retreat as a kick-off for the year. It lasts a weekend and is a great opportunity for students to form relationships and grow in their faith. We usually also offer a retreat for all Middle School and High School sometime in the spring. This past year we went to PCTC, a retreat for teens across Pennsylvania (and some from MD, OH, NJ). This retreat is also to challenge students spiritually and to encourage deep friendships to be formed. In the summer, we offer week-long trips that are all about relationships and growing closer to Christ. This past year we went to Centrifuge and stayed on the college campus of Carson Newman College. This past summer we also offered an overseas mission trip where we lived out our faith by serving orphanages, homeless, and those less fortunate in El Salvador, where Discovery has a long lasting commitment and partnership.

Does it cost money to be involved in this ministry?
It doesn’t cost any money to be involved in our weekly programs. Some events do cost money, like trips or retreats. But it doesn’t cost a thing to be involved on a weekly basis! We also offer several fundraisers each year to help students raise money for their summer trips.  For more fundraising information check out our Fundraising page.

How do I find out what is coming up?
You can look up the information on the student ministry home page—we are always willing to help with any questions you might have! You can also subscribe to our weekly e-newsletter for Fuel or Riot.

What if I have other questions or concerns?
Greg would be glad to speak with you regarding any question or concern you may have. We want you to feel comfortable with your student being involved in this Ministry. Please do not hesitate to contact our Youth Pastor, Greg Smedley.

Greg Smedley, Youth Pastor - Click here to email Greg or call him at 724.779.1010, Extension 106.


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