Deep & Wide
beginning Sunday, July 22, 2018

Deep & Wide captures the heartbeat and mindset of Jesus, and describes the kind of church we are called to be: a Jesus-centered, Jesus-loving and Jesus-captivated church that offers a clear call to devotion without an us-versus-them mindset.

Deep & Wide pictures a community that cares about justice, compassion, personal holiness, and joyful servanthood… a people who feeds the hungry, loves the lonely, heals the broken, and spreads the gospel around the world….a people shaped by the Scriptures, inspired by God, led by the Holy Spirit and empowered by prayer.

In this three-week series Deep & Wide, we will explore God’s purpose of growing people ‘deep’ in relationship with Him and ‘wide’ in our reach into the world.

Click here to listen to the messages in this series.
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